I recall countless late nights as a kid, playing video games on my Nintendo, trying desperately to get to higher and more challenging levels, and eventually beating those games.

Video games have always been a great way to escape; they can also help with hand-eye coordination, and even give us a sense of accomplishment after completing them.

But here are a few business marketing lessons you can actually learn from playing those classic video games:


Develop A Solid Strategy

Do you remember playing Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo game system?

If you did, you probably remember your journey as a little plumber, hitting coin-filled boxes with your head, shooting fireballs at turtles, and running and jumping around willy-nilly until something randomly killed you.

But as with most video games, if you wanted to get to the ending and reach your goal (in this case, saving the princess), you had to start playing strategically.

You had to learn the layout of the level, and time your every move.

Beating that game required the ability to strategize, and the same goes for marketing your business.


Fact: Only 35% of B2B content marketers have a documented business marketing strategy.


That’s an unfortunate statistic because that means that 65% of B2B content marketers are preventing the growth of their business by failing to strategize properly.

Some effective strategies include the use of infographics, videos, case studies, blogs, and conducting actual market research to identify what your clients are looking for.

By utilizing a mix of these types of web content and business marketing tactics, you are able to strategize much more effectively, ensuring that your company gets to the next level of success.



Stay Determined

If you ever played the NES classic video game, Mega Man, then you understand the concept of unrelenting frustration.

In the game, you are a robotic man with a laser cannon for a hand, and your objective is to travel to various stages, fighting other robots, and ultimately defeating their creator, the evil Dr. Wily.

The reason the game is so frustrating is because the rate at which your character dies is incredible. You could look at a robot wrong, and you would suddenly explode for no reason (not really, but you get the point), forcing you to start the level over from the very beginning! Argh!

One key to beating the game (like with Super Mario Bros.) was, of course, having a strategy. But the most important thing you needed above all was determination.

And that is something you need mountains of when it deals with marketing your business as well.


Fact: 79% of leads never convert into sales.


How often do you hear about businesses that generate tons of leads, but end up closing very few, if any, of them.

It’s unfortunate, but statistically, 73% of all B2B leads are not sales-ready.

That means, in order to convert those leads into clients, you must nurture them. You must stay determined.

Some lead nurturing tools include marketing automation, utilizing personalized emails, and targeting leads with specific and relevant content.

By nurturing your leads properly, your conversion rate increases significantly; not only that, your ability to build a long lasting relationship with your client increases as well, and this could lead to positive testimonials, as well as referrals, helping your business grow.


Can you think of any other business lessons you’ve learned from video games?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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