What is it that makes the Olympics special? Think about it. Every four years (well, every two if you count Winter Olympics), we see the same nations of the world competing in the same sports for the same medals. But huge numbers of people across the globe watch it religiously. Since the first modern Olympiad in 1896, adults have marveled over the events over the water cooler at work. Kids continue to be inspired and want to “do that” when they grow up. What is it about the Olympic Games that vexes everyone and captures our hearts, even though it’s always the same thing?

We know what it is. It’s what makes individuals different. It’s what makes nations different. It’s even what makes your business different from your competitors: It’s culture. It’s where the people came from that brought them to this point. It’s the story behind the journey. It’s the family, the friends, the people who stayed by their side every single step of the way. One place these cultures were heavily embodied in the 2016 Olympic Games was in the opening ceremonies. Let’s take a quick look at some of the strongest moments.

Brazil’s Most Famous Celebrity, Gisele Bündchen, Takes Her Last Catwalk to Brazil’s Most Famous Tune

GiseleWhile we can’t say too much for the talent of modeling – especially against the raw talent of world Olympians – it’s what Gisele does best. She recently chose to retire from the catwalk life which propelled her to stardom and, as she’s from Brazil, decided to embrace her homeland and make her very last catwalk there. Not only that, she made the choice to do so to Brazil’s biggest international hit song of the last century, The Girl From Ipanema. Gisele showed us – no matter how successful you become – never forget the place, the people, and the culture from where you started.

For the First Time Ever, An Olympic Refugee Team is Allowed to Compete in The Games

Refugee Olympic teamThis is a tale of not one culture, but many. Historically, if an athlete were forced to flee their home country, they could no longer represent their (or, for that matter, any) country in the Games. That all changed in 2016, when the world’s first Olympic Refugee Team walked into the Opening Ceremonies for the very first time. Hailing from such countries as South Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo – these proud Olympians managed to find a way to make their former countries proud of them, even while entering the arena waving only the Olympic flag. This incredible team taught us you can still be who you are and represent your origins – even under the most unusual of circumstances.

BONUS: New Zealand Rugby Team Performs Tribal Haka Before Demolishing Wales

Olympic Maori HakaOkay, this wasn’t technically in the opening ceremonies, but the culture was so strong, it garnered placement here. A tradition of the native Māori people, the Haka is performed just before battle – utilizing blown-up cheeks, widened eyes, and extended tongues – to intimidate and frighten enemies – which they performed before the game began. It apparently worked, as New Zealand trounced their opponent, Wales, in the match. New Zealand reminded us that our culture not only makes us who we are, it can also reinforce us and give us the strength to overcome insurmountable obstacles.

TRIdigital Wants to Embrace Your Culture

Who you are and where you come from sets you apart from everyone else. No matter who else might be playing your game, how you approach it as an individual (or as a company) will define how you play the game. Let TRIdigital be that support system who nurtures that background and individualism, keeping you focused on the end goal every step of the way. With the right focus, we’ll begin your journey together in IT marketing to make you the best you could ever be.

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