It’s 5 am.

A deep, distant growl crawls into your ear, jolting you awake from your previously peaceful slumber. You clutch your blanket and open your eyes – now startled and wide-awake. You’ve become consciously aware of your own heavy breathing, and you can feel your heart fluttering anxiously.

What was that noise?

You sit up slowly, and your eyes scan the room for any signs of a stranger. There are none to be found. Relieved, you decide it’s time to calm yourself down and eat some breakfast. Surely there must be a rational explanation for the growl. You had probably just been imagining things – after all, it’s early and you’re still pretty tired.

Your feet hit the floor and you tiptoe quietly down the long, dark hallway toward your kitchen, still a little spooked from your rude awakening. Every muscle in your body is tense.

You hear that noise again in the distance. But this time, you hear a chorus of growls – not just one. Could it be some type of animal? A pack of wolves, maybe?

You remember that you’ve got an aluminum baseball bat in the hall closet, so you grab it quickly, fumbling a bit out of nervousness. Your hands lose grip of the bat, and it falls to the floor, clanging loudly.

A single crackled roar erupts from the dark end of the hallway, sending chills throughout your body. Your limbs go numb. You try to pick up the bat, but your body is completely paralyzed with fear. There’s nothing you can do now.

What appears to be a groaning, possessed shell of a human being suddenly emerges from the darkness, completely covered in blood. You don’t think it sees you yet, but its rotting body is moving closer, slowly and deliberately. The scent of decomposing flesh is more than enough to severely nauseate you, but you try to suppress your own gagging, knowing that the noise might attract whatever this thing is….

Let’s step outside of the story for a minute and think.

What are you going to do now?

Clearly, you aren’t the kind of person who prepares for this sort of thing to happen – otherwise, you’d probably be well-armed by now and already have about 20 different home evacuation routes in mind “in the case of a zombie attack.”

Which brings me to my first point:

Have a plan.

You wouldn’t want to face the bloodthirsty undead without a plan, so why should you face your potential clients without one?

In the story, you just got lucky remembering that you had a baseball bat in your closet. Well, in business, you can’t rely on luck. You’ve got to figure out ahead of time what you need to do.

Prepare by making sure you have all of the tools you need to reach the goals you have set for your company. Prepare by creating a persona for your target audience and planning your IT marketing materials accordingly. Prepare by making sure that you’re equipped with the best technology possible so you can easily reach your goals.

Whatever you do, prepare.

Cut out the “noise”

Remember in the story, when you dropped the bat? Well, way to go – that noise almost got you killed. Noise attracts zombies like crazy.

Noise = death.

The same can be said for your IT marketing. Cut out all of the extra “noise” in your web content – the unnecessary stuff that readers don’t really care about. Believe me, no one wants to read a bunch of hard-to-understand technical stuff. Cut through the noise and focus on the benefits instead of the features. Use an emotional appeal instead of trying to impress with your technical knowledge.

That’s the only way you’ll truly grab the attention of your target audience. Otherwise, your business will suffer.

Adapt to stay alive

When zombies attack, you’ve got to be resourceful and adapt to the best of your ability. Otherwise – you’re dead meat!

In an ever-changing market, you must adapt to for your business to stay alive. It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing only on your business, but you’ve got to also pay attention to what’s going on in your market, what’s changing, and what’s likely to change in the future.

Fads change all of the time. Technology advances and changes quickly. Make sure that your company’s IT marketing grows accordingly, or your competitors will destroy you!

Now, it’s up to you to finish the story. What are you going to do – get eaten alive, or use these IT marketing tips to secure your survival? The choice is yours.

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