There is no surefire way to improve your SEO marketing than to simply write quality content. The days of stuffing keywords into bad content and having it rank highly are long gone. Search engines continue to evolve and tweak their search algorithms so black hat SEO tactics don’t work as well as responsible SEO tactics.

According to industry reports, 70 percent of links search users click actually come from SEO marketing efforts. Reports also illustrate how leads generated from SEO have a better return on investment (14.6 percent close rate), overall, than outbound leads (1.7 percent close rate).

Here are three ways in which your business can improve its SEO efforts to reap the rewards of search.

Optimize Your Efforts for Search Engines

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but there are many different ways to rank well on search engines – the easiest way is to ensure your website is submitted to search engines and able to be indexed.

Google is certainly the biggest player on the market as far as SEO and search are concerned, but don’t ignore the other search engines. Yahoo and Bing are slowly taking a bigger piece of Google’s search market through various business dealings and differentiating themselves through clever marketing.

Yahoo is the default search engine for Firefox, which is one of the leading browsers among Internet users, and Google’s deal with Safari comes to an end this year. Both Yahoo and Bing will be competing hard to replace Google as Safari’s default search engine.

Make sure your SEO marketing efforts are not just focused on Google.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile devices were the cause of nearly 40 percent of organic traffic on the Internet in 2014. With Google’s latest search algorithm update that further focuses on improving the user experience of mobile device users, it is imperative your company website is mobile friendly, thus improving your SEO marketing efforts.

Mobile friendly websites will now rank better on Google and websites that are not mobile-friendly will see their organic search traffic tumble as a result.

Don’t miss out on over a third of the online market by not optimizing your website for mobile devices and SEO best practices related to mobile search.

ROI Matters More Than Keyword Rankings

It can be enormously satisfying seeing keywords you’re using ranking well in search engines, but that doesn’t always mean your SEO campaign is successful. Every single one of your keywords could rank number one in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and not drive a single penny back to your company.


Maybe those keywords are relevant to your industry or company, but too generic to convert anyone.

Perhaps you bid aggressively to own certain keywords because you saw how many people search for them, but those keywords aren’t the best for what you do.

It could be any number of reasons, but the biggest reason why high ranking keywords doesn’t always translate to ROI is the lack of quality and focus.

What good are having keywords that rank highly for you if they don’t convert to anything, or if they’re not specific enough to drive action to your website or services?

Focus on keywords that really hone in on exactly what you do or have to offer. While those keywords may not rank highly or garner hundreds of thousands of searches, it’s the quality that counts and its quality that drives ROI.

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