Emails are the heart of a strong IT marketing campaign, and they can be a powerful tool to stay in touch with customers. But let me ask you this question. Which email would you open first: one from an MSP company or one from your lifelong best friend? Of course, everyone would choose the latter!

When writing content for your email IT marketing campaign, it’s best to avoid sounding like you’re talking to a faceless crowd of strangers. Instead, you want to write an email like you’re addressing a close pal who you’re eager to get in touch with. Now don’t get me wrong – you don’t want to cross any boundaries or upset your customers, but you do want to engage them in a respectful, creative, and conversational voice.

Here are five ways to writing an effective email IT marketing campaign as if you’re talking to your best bud.

1. Be Helpful and Friendly

You don’t want to scare off existing or potential customers by sounding overly salesy in your emails. An email is meant to provide an update or just bestow useful information to the reader. That’s why your email IT marketing campaign should be friendly and offer some helpful information that could benefit whomever it’s sent to. Stop treating your email recipients like subscribers and instead, treat them like genuine friends.

2. It’s All About Personalization

Before crafting your next email campaign, figure out who your target audience is and what you can do to relieve them of their business pain points and technology challenges. Keep in mind their location, time zone, and the best hours to send something out to them. By personalizing your emails and being as less generic as possible, you’re making yourself stand out. A unique call to action or using your actual name on your “from” address are some key ways to customize your emails.

3. Choose Quality Over Quantity

To keep emails from getting thrown out into the trash folder, remember that less is more. Only send out email IT marketing campaigns when you have relevant and engaging content to share. Too many emails at once can lead to more people pressing delete or unsubscribing from you. You wouldn’t bombard your friends with useless information over and over again – so don’t do the same with your valuable customers!

4. Mobile-Friendly is a Must

Everyone’s gone mobile these days, and you never know if someone might open your email from their phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. That means it’s extra critical for your email IT marketing campaigns to work seamlessly across different devices and mobile browsers. When designing your emails, think like a consumer who’s always on the go. And don’t forget to build trust with your prospects as you would with your BFF!

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