Let’s face it, working hard to meet deadlines, keeping clients happy and excited about their marketing, and spending all day together can bring about certain challenges. Here at TRIdigital we make it a point to go out and spend some quality time together on a regular basis, outside the office.

Our most recent adventure took us to Top Golf to let us release a little steam and really enjoy being around one another as friends. The short version of the story is we all had so much fun together. The full story has the same ending, but involves us learning quite a bit about each other we didn’t already know.

Our fearless leader, Gio, is incredibly good at Top Golf. He completely destroyed all of our scores and most of it seemed pretty effortless. I was able to come the closest to matching his scores, but still found myself down by 40 or 50 points each time.

Another reason for going out was sending Jorge, our intern for several months while he was on break from college, off with a bang as he left us to return to school. He has one of the funniest looking golf swings I’ve ever seen. Every time he stepped up to take his turn we laughed quite a bit, but it worked for him. He was doing just as well as I was.

Most of us bounced around from table to table throughout the night just to see what others were talking about and how we were all doing. In reality though, this night out wasn’t about how many points we could score or how far we could hit the ball – although, apparently I can hit it pretty far.

Instead, what it was really about was taking the time to improve existing relationships with one another and build new ones. And let’s not forget about learning more about others, or even discovering new things about ourselves. That’s the funny thing about team building – you get far more out of it than you realize initially.

Relationship and team building experts all agree that team building activities or events provide long-term benefits to small businesses. For example, did you know a company with a strong team of employee is far more likely to be able to maximize profitability than one without the employee interaction?

Gains are made through team building. Those involved walk away from it with a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation for what they do and who they work with. When employees are happy and feel good about what they do and whom they work with, they are more productive and better able to work together to solve issues that may spread across multiple departments.

Companies that are not treating their employees to team building nights or activities are really missing out. Take a look at our team building in action with the pictures we took throughout the night.

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