High-performance IT marketing step 2: Identify KPIs

It’s time to have the talk. The KPI talk. But not just any ol’ KPI talk. The IT marketing KPI talk. So sit down and stay a while, and let’s discuss goals, processes, roast beef sandwiches and more.

High-performance IT marketing step 1: Establish the goals

We’ve spent the last several years fine-tuning IT marketing. From the moment we start with a new client, we’re thinking strategically. That’s what high-performance IT marketing is. Calculated. Strategic. Well thought out and deliberately executed.
video shoot

How to Pre-Pro Like a Pro When Capturing MSP Videos and Photography

I recently sat down with our video team to discuss their pre-production strategies for capturing kick-ass marketing photography and video footage. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how to do pre-pro right.

Your Guide to SEO Marketing That Doesn't Suck (Part 2)

You already know the basics—what SEO marketing is and why it matters. We’ve covered helpful content, which is more or less essential. And you’ve got your meta on. Specifically, meta titles and meta descriptions. Now it’s time to take this SEO marketing behind-the-scenes tour into slightly more sophisticated territory. These tips are next-level stuff. It’s nothing you can’t handle, though.

Your Guide to SEO Marketing That Doesn't Suck (Part 1)

SEO marketing is a big, looming topic. It drives fear into the hearts of marketing noobs. It can feel impossibly technical, like trying to do cartwheels across a tightrope. But you can’t let the complexity of the topic keep you from making strides. You don’t have to be an SEO marketing expert to improve your site’s traffic, and SEO doesn’t have to be a nightmare topic.

Our Secrets For The Most Successful IT Marketing Emails

I was recently tasked to find out what constitutes exceptional email design. As a marketing writer, my normal idea of a “good” email is plenty of relevant text with a relatable pun sprinkled here and there for good measure, and maybe a cool picture or two.