In a world where consumers are growing progressively savvy and independent – and pushy sales tactics don’t quite do the trick – content is king. Having a strategic content marketing plan for your business is crucial to gaining the trust of your prospects and getting them to engage with your brand.

You’ll be surprised to know that the lively characters of the show Modern Family have some handy content marketing strategies and tips to share. Here are a few of the top takeaways.

Master your tone and stay consistent with it.

There’s a lot of clashing personalities on Modern Family, but somehow they seem to balance each other out and make it all work. Phil, who refers to himself as the “cool dad,” is happy, sensitive, and innocently childlike. On the other hand, his wife Claire is organized, action-oriented, and decisive.

Throughout the marketing process – everything from the top of the funnel to the of the bottom of the barrel – your content needs to take on the appropriate tone. And whether you want to be hip and down-to-earth like Phil or more direct and head-on like Claire, depends on who you’re trying to reach.

For an MSP, the technical mumbo-jumbo should be simplified in a way that an average business owner can comprehend. Once you understand your target customer, and everything about what they need and are looking for, you’ll have a good idea of how you want to communicate with them through your content marketing. As a reminder, it’s always a best practice to keep your tone friendly, helpful, and honest.

Bask in the limelight.

Cameron is large and in charge, always spending his free time doing outrageous things like throwing Oscar Wilde-themed lunches or mastering the art of “clowning.” He loves expressing his creativity and basks in the limelight at any given chance.

Without a doubt, there are special events or occasions that call for some great content marketing splashes. For instance, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a major opportunity for consumer tech companies. Whenever you’re in the spotlight, don’t be afraid to take the stage by storm, much like Cam would. That way you can have some easily shareable and meaningful content for your brand.

Don’t refrain from bringing up the negative.

Sometimes Mitchell is known for being overly practical, and he makes most of his decisions based on logic. This can sometimes put a damper on Cam’s over-the-top wishes and demands – like the time he wanted to flip a house with Claire.

You have to realize that sometimes, your content marketing strategy might not be all rainbows and unicorns. As an MSP, there’s a host of issues to address and stay on top of, such as cyber security threats, lack of standardization, poor backup strategies, etc. You should be sensitive when approaching these subjects in your content marketing, but you should never ignore them. Rather, tackle these issues with meaningful and helpful content that will educate your customers and help them feel more comfortable with reaching out to you.

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