Different colored Crocs

Oh, the HORROR!!

Over the past several decades, fashion has been subjected to some pretty awful trends. We’re talking the kind of trends that make you cringe and think “who let them out of the house wearing that?!” You know which ones I’m talking about. I’m sure several popped into your mind as soon as you read the first sentence up there. Fashion trends such as Crocs, Ed Hardy apparel, polo’s with popped collars, harem pants, lens-less glasses, Uggs (with EVERYTHING), and wearing leggings as pants were everywhere in the not too distance past (hello, remember the “basic” trend from 2014?) There is no excuse to be hanging on to this awfulness. The same can be said about your IT marketing.

Just Like Outdated Fashion –  It’s Time to Throw Away Your Outdated IT Marketing!

Lady wearing coral shirt and khaki harem pants

Only appropriate if you’re wearing a diaper under these.

Don’t be “that guy.” You know the guy I’m talking about – the one who still uses template marketing and thinks it works. The cold, hard, ugly truth is this: it doesn’t. While it may have been okay in its hay-day, those times are long since gone. Using old IT marketing tactics is akin to wearing mesh trucker hats and Juicy velour sweat suits- you may think you look cool, but in reality, everyone can see that you have no idea where to even begin. Your IT marketing should reflect you, not what everyone else is doing. With templates, you rarely get to express yourself and your unique capabilities. Sure, you may be able to customize the colors you want and maybe the fonts if you’re lucky, but that’s about it. Talk about bland!


Stay On-Trend with Customized IT Marketing

Man in shades wearing MANY polos with popped collars

No. Just… Don’t.

Taking risks are a large part of being involved in the fashion culture. You’re constantly looking at different pieces and mixing and matching to create a new, interesting outfit. It’s wearable art, really. Every day is a chance to wear something fresh and one-of-a-kind. Believe me, it gets noticed. Your IT marking should be getting noticed as well. Instead of going with the flow (only dead fish do that), try something different! Hire a company that is willing to take risks to get you and your company noticed! Think about it: how many times have you seen a cool shirt or tie or shoes and asked the wearer, “Hey, where did you get that?” Marketing works the same way. A prospect sees a cool form of marketing and their curiosity peaks. They think to themselves, “Hey, that’s pretty cool. I want to know more about this company.” Off they go in search of more information.

Let Unique Marketing Be Your Personal Stylist

Granted, like getting a full makeover, drastically changing how you market yourself and your company can be a bit scary at first. What if it doesn’t work out? What if people don’t like it? We understand your fears, really, we do. The truth is, the right people will like it. The prospects you want to work with will be drawn to your uniqueness like models are drawn to the runways. It’s just natural. The first step though is to let go and trust that the risks you’re taking are the right ones that will pay off in the end. So throw away those templates (and those god-awful Crocs while you’re at it) and update your marketing to fit in with the current season. Trendy 2

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