Think about the emails you receive personally and professionally on any given day. You can think of the ones that you open habitually and the ones you toss without ever reading the subject. Why is that? If you do it, so do the recipients on your email list.

Understanding your audience, knowing your voice, and thinking critically about your current email system will transform your email campaign. You want your recipients to open your emails, but you have to get to know them and the emails you are sending first.

What are WE Dismissing?

I use ‘We’ to remind you that WE all do this. I think SPAM emails and frivolous junk mailers have traumatized users and their email accounts. We all need resuscitating, and your existing email campaign in not excluded. Let us think about what we delete and what we save.

The first thing you need to understand: deleting and dismissing is a habit. Users naturally open emails from businesses and senders they are fond of or immediately recognize. What does this company have to offer me, what has it done for me in the past, and how can I benefit from this email in the future? Recipients are capable of answering these questions instantaneously. How does your company’s name resonate with your recipients? If you fail to stand out, the recipient will include your email in the ‘check-all’ box and delete your message without thinking twice about it. Again, it is a habit. How can you change that? Honestly, it is a phase and a process to which a company must by committed. (Also check out: 5 ways to Piss off Your Email List).

Revamping Your Email Campaign

Your company can reinvigorate its email campaign by relying on a simple system that changes your audience’s email habits. Think of it as the horse-and-carrot system. You need to grab your audience’s attention, which usually happens when the user receives a pop-up or email alert. (Try this: 5 Tips for a Successful Email Campaign).

Next, you have to want to get them to bite by opening the email.

Finally, you must reward your recipient. Exclusive promotions, coupons, deals and exceptional content help you conquer the final phase. As your email campaign rehabilitates its recipients, consumer engagement and activity boosts your business.

Now that you have their attention, rehabilitate the email itself. Your business can reorient the current email system without losing sight of the brand:

  • Be smart when sending. Do not overload your audience with multiple emails throughout the day. Ease up on your frequency. Create an effective email schedule that reduces redundancy and fatigue.
  • Get your hook down. Make the email subject attractive, while trying not to look spammy.
  • Send audience-specific emails. This goes back to understanding your audience. Divide your recipients up and send out emails with content about which the audience actually cares to read. Do not be afraid to send out a few test emails to assist you with making better decisions about content and recipient response. You will soon discover what works and what does not.
  • Work on your landing page as much as you work on your email. Once you gain the critical click to your site, do not lose the prospect or client with an unfriendly or complicated landing page.
  • Make the emails mobile-friendly. If your user cannot open an email, or the image takes too long to load on his/her smartphone, the user will delete it and future mailings from you.


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