In the city of Gotham, the union of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn make up the Gotham City Sirens. They are the most sought out female characters that dominate this DC Universe. Despite being characterized as clinically insane, they excel and overcome stereotypes. Not all who think outside the box are crazy. Unlikely partnerships can unleash the most rewarding results. We understand that the marketing world can appear unknown and scary; especially when it comes to your business. Successful IT marketing should strategically represent YOUR company’s identity, products, and services to generate leads. Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman are individually powerful but when they become the Gotham City Sirens, they become invincible. We want to encompass your culture and story with a twist of our own creativity in order to produce a story that cannot be duplicated.

Ivy’s Dedication

Poison Ivy is the queen of seduction. She is known for her expertise in the art of overpowering men for the sake of her beloved herbs. She is incredibly passionate about botany and frequently uses her powers to thwart her enemies. No, we don’t want to deliver the kiss of death to your competitors like she may, but we do admire her dedication to botanical biochemistry. We won’t go as far as committing robberies to be successful but we will spend the time needed to focus on a marketing strategy relevant to the virtues of your business. We believe that we can steer your company in the right direction, keep you on track with consistent marketing, and help you fight off unwanted headaches. We’ll deliver the leads you want because when it comes to IT marketing,  we’re just as dedicated and committed as she is.

Quinn’s Logic

Like any great mastermind, you might come off a little eccentric to those who don’t understand your brilliance. Harley Quinn,  also known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, was a doctor in psychology whose main job was to understand human behavior. Although she fell victim to The Joker and became a homicidal lunatic, she is one of the few characters to use logic and behavioral studies to create connections. Similar to Quinn’s logical connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman, we connect your client’s patterns and behaviors to the perfect marketing strategy. Through external applications such as HotJar (a marketing tool that uses video recordings to show how an online visitor navigates through your company webpage), our very own Marketing HUD, and our extensive knowledge in marketing best practices, we are able to better predict the sales cycle.

Catwoman’s Inquiry

Catwoman is the private caper, known for her tactics in the discovery of information. She is the one who lurks in the depths of the dark in order to reveal the secrets of the night.  Catwoman is skillfully resourceful and able to gain access to very secure locations. She is an opportunist and helps improve the group’s morale. Although we are not a predator cloaked in black, we do have our own methods of detections. Similar to Catwoman’s thirst for knowledge, we found the secret that best boost your IT company’s exposure: marketing YOU! Your story, your company culture, your brand is the only true way to make you stand apart from the crowd. We spend hours upon hours researching the latest marketing trends and insights to ensure your company’s story is exposed.

We Know IT Marketing

Allow us the opportunity to work for you and give you the competitive edge your competition lacks.  Though we can make parallels to the Gotham City villains, we are far from being the bad guys.  We’re here to help you handle the villains of the IT world. We know that protection comes in numbers and that by joining forces we will make the ultimate team. You’re dealing with IT marketing experts; with over 60 years of combined IT knowledge! Our goal will be to overcome any force that tries to rise against us, Gotham City Sirens and All.

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