We’re marketers. It’s what we do. Accordingly, we tend to find IT marketing correlations in everything – in our daily lives, on television shows, even in our favorite movies. Therefore, we figured we’d be doing a disservice to humanity if we didn’t analyze one of the most quotable films in history, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Let’s take a look at what we found.

IT Marketing Techniques Exist in the Conversation Between King Arthur and Dennis.

Arthur and Patsy conversing with filth mongers

Early on in the film, Arthur takes the necessary measures in order to connect with his people and achieve his ultimate goal – to gather a court to accompany him to Camelot. In his pursuit, Arthur stops to speak with Dennis – a filth-monger – to make the necessary inquiries and to spread the word of his mission. Even though he was sovereign of all England, he stopped to connect with an old woman – er, man. In IT marketing, connecting with others to achieve one’s ultimate goal is paramount . . . even if they tell you “strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.”

We Found IT Marketing from the Verbal Attacks of the French Taunter.

french taunterWhen Arthur’s main objective switched from Camelot to the quest for the Holy Grail, he came across the castle of Frenchman, Guy de Lombard. Upon requesting assistance, he was met with retorts by Lombard’s rude guard who lied to him, insulted him, and generally acted dopey. Throughout the taunts, Arthur remained calm and dignified – even instructing his men to do the same. With IT Marketing, one must retain a distinct level of professionalism when dealing with potential clients, regardless of how poorly they might respond. After all, they might just be testing you! So if one ever threatens to “unclog their nose at you,” or refer to you as an “empty-headed animal food trough wiper,” just remember to take the high road.

There Were Aspects of IT Marketing on “Bring Out Your Dead” Day.

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(*CLANK*) “Bring out your deeaaaad!!” This scene is all about negotiation: we aren’t privy to the relationship between the peasant and the old man he’s trying to have carted off, nor do we know his motive for wanting to do so. What we do know is that the peasant has a definite objective. The dead collector is prepared to take the old man on his cart – right up until the moment the old man begins to protest. The dead collector listens to the peasant’s pleas for assistance, and while he tries to refuse to help because the request is outside of his regular services, he still hears the intense need from his client. In the end, the dead collector finds a way to work with his new client, collects the ninepence, and agrees to meet with him again the following Thursday. Now, THAT’S marketing! Negotiated terms, a new client, and all are happy. (Well, the old man did “feel happy” until he was clubbed, anyway.)

 The Old Man from Scene 24.

 The Old Man from Scene 24“STOP! Who approacheth the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three – ‘ere the other side, he see!”
One of the gravest challenges faced by Arthur and his men: the old man asks each traveler three questions. Get them right: cross the bridge. Get one wrong: get cast into The Gorge of Eternal Peril. In the process, Arthur loses two of his best men, but at the same time, he patiently observes how the old man’s questions are put forth. In IT marketing, sometimes we are expected to have answers that, quite frankly, we just might not have. How you respond, however, is critical. Sir Galahad and Sir Robin both panicked and, as a result, met harsh consequences. But when King Arthur was asked a question he didn’t have an answer for – rather than panic, he asked for clarification. His request for information was so specific, in fact, the old man was left without an answer, and cast into the gorge himself. “You have to know these things when you’re king, you know!”

The Biggest IT Marketing Correlation of All: The Black Knight.

King Arthur battles the Black KnightDoes this one actually need an explanation? Well, probably not. But without one, it’d be a pretty short section, so here goes: Arthur and Patsy wish to cross a (rather small) bridge, which is guarded by a Black Knight. Arthur is told he may not cross, but Arthur insists. Eventually, Arthur and the Black Knight do battle until the Knight is left with no arms and no legs. But does he give up? Never! After the loss of the first arm, the Black Knight continues to attack. Arthur lops off his other arm, but the Black Knight only switches tactics and begins kicking at him. Next goes one of his legs, which leads to an even less-effective attack method of hopping into Arthur and sort of bleeding on him. Finally, the last leg goes, and still – the Black Knight orders the fight to continue. (“I’ll bite your legs off!!”) The IT marketing correlation staring us in the face here: determination, determination, determination! Even when situation looks impossible, never give up! If you quit, you always lose – but if you refuse to give up, you might win! True, the Black Knight didn’t win in this particular instance, but hey – he received countless compliments from Arthur for his bravery!

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