Let’s face it – email marketing is one tough cookie to crack. There are over 122,500,453,020 emails sent every hour. With that being said, it takes an expert to handle the art of getting emails seen in a crowded inbox. How can you create a truly remarkable email campaign that literally can market itself? We crafted the top six email marketing techniques that should continue to resonate well enough with your customers’ world, that they may well even go and tell their friends!

Burst the Competition with these Email Marketing Tips

Tip 1: Spammy Subject Lines

Who really opens up generic or general emails? First of all, certain punctuation is UNnecessary. Yes, you heard us right: don’t try to throw in those exclamation points! It’s a sure way to get your hard work automatically cast into the old spam folder. Secondly, capitalizing first letters throughout your entire subject line is a No-No. Do Not Do This. Unless you want the spam treatment.

Tip 2: Specific Subject Lines

Get personal. Personalization increases open rates. People are people, and they enjoy being reached out with a more unique approach. 

Tip 3: Content

Don’t use “salesy” wording. Be clear and focus your message on fulfilling the promises of the subject line. Be enticing and intriguing, but don’t give away too much. The emails which have a higher click-through rate contain 20% fewer words. Brevity, brevity, brevity.

Tip 4: Be Creative

Data has proven that questions asked spike a higher interest rate with viewers. Also, color counts, so make sure you are incorporating it and marketing from beginning to end.

Tip 5: Test and Test Some More

“A/B testing” essentially helps to improve your campaign’s performance metrics. As David Ogilvy, the “Father of Advertising”, once said: “Never stop testing.” Packing-in the grand opening of a hotel on a simple $500 budget was his first challenge. Ogilvy was able to pull it off with a direct mail postcard campaign, and fell in love with the process. He was the master of the “split test”: where two versions of an ad are published at the same time, but “keyed” with a unique way for consumers to respond, so the “winning” ad (most opens, click-throughs, etc.) could be identified and, once determined, then rolled out on a national level. His complete famous quote was: “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

Tip 6: Mobile

Last, but not least, make sure your design is responsive.

Blow them Away with TRIdigital Email Marketing.

We hope these email marketing tips were enough to peak your interest! Here at TRIdigital we know that there is something special about your company and if you are having a tough time figuring it out – that’s where we come in. WE market YOU.

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