There are a ton of companies like yours selling Unified Communications right now, and the number is only increasing. So how do you get more Unified Communications leads? Aggressive marketing strategies, changes to search engine parameters, and media campaigns target every potential customer. With many companies scrapping for the same customers, you need to set your company apart from the rest. Here are some marketing strategies that result in more Unified Communications leads:

 1. Tap into every market

Tailor a marketing strategy that addresses the demands and vulnerabilities of every vertical you aim to target. Don’t think the same marketing strategy you use for the healthcare field will also work for law or finance. Create a message that specifically addresses the pain points of the industry you are trying to help.


2. Overcome your prospects’ challenges

You know what your potential clients need to run successful, connected and secure businesses, so why are you not telling them? Don’t wait for the client to come to you – let them know you understand the challenges they face and show them how Unified Communications overcomes those challenges. If you wait too long, another company will beat you to it and sell the business on its smarts and efficiency.


3. Use video marketing to get Unified Communications leads

People want to be educated and they want to do so in a timely matter. A blog is one way to tap into potential leads, but chances are your site and blog will get even more hits with a YouTube channel or the use of videos in your marketing. If there is one thing consumer’s love more than advice, it is free advice. Prepare a short video segment on YouTube that addresses the needs of the business, the affordability of the system, and the efficiency of unified communications. People like visuals and a clear-cut solution to their problems. If a viewer likes what he/she sees, they will share the video, and you could see your video on LinkedIn accounts, Facebook pages, emails, and Twitter feeds.

4. Embrace social media

Don’t just embrace social media, own it. Research trending topics, get involved in discussions, and search key terms on Twitter and Facebook. Look for posts from potential clients that directly or indirectly express a need for your particular services. Social media is not the ideal place to sell business-to-business services, but if you see people discussing business problems on social media that you know you can solve with Unified Communications – don’t miss the opportunity! The key to this strategy is responding quickly and effectively. You are not the only company looking for this client; you just have to be the best at addressing their needs and social media is a platform to start the conversation.


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