You probably already know your blog is a great resource for you when it comes to adding another layer of SEO to your website and attracting repeat visitors. After a while though, you start running out of topics to cover in your blog marketing if you’re not a writer (or, heck, even if you are a writer!) You need to make sure your blog marketing content is updated on a regular basis to encourage visitors to return to your website for the new content, but the more frequently you update your blog, the harder it can be to come up with ideas that add value to the site. One way to make sure your blog offers valuable and interesting content is to create list-style articles.

List articles are easy for people to scan and figure out what the article is about – all without actually reading it from top to bottom. List articles make it possible for website visitors to locate and read only the sections of the article they are most interested in – ideal for the growing number of people who are in a hurry – or just about anyone who uses the internet these days. People rarely read things from start to finish online, so creating a list-style article makes it easy for a reader to pinpoint the exact section of the article they want to read. Lists can be created for just about any topic of interest and for any industry.

Tips for Creating List-Style Blog Marketing Articles

  • Create list topics that are related to your site and your audience.
  • Keep tips simple for the average reader to understand and follow.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists for easy reference, or divide the article into several categories using subheadings.
  • Create numbered lists or tips sheets to appeal to the reader (ie: ’33 Ways to… 13 Steps to….89 Tips for’….)
  • Link specific tips or keywords to products or other information on your website whenever possible, and link to other relevant websites or products if the reader will find them useful.
  • Create a PDF version of lists for readers to download and print if it is a handy reference.

Ideas for Popular List-Style Articles

How-To Lists – you can cover a series of how-to topics that teach your readers how to do something in several steps.

What You Need Lists – you can write several lists that outline things people would need to complete a project, do a chore, or prepare for an event.

Number of Ways to Lists – this style of list article is popular and can even become viral, particularly if you manage to come up with a relevant topic that triggers an emotional response in your readers. Try creating articles around different ways to do something or provide resources. For example, a writing company might create “87 Online Writing Tools for Writers”, which would be shared among the writing community because it offers useful content.

What to Do Lists – you can outline things that need to be accomplished to complete a goal, how to react in an emergency, or steps for achieving change.

FAQ Page – having an FAQ page on your website allows you to address the most commonly asked questions your clients or prospects have about your business or industry. It’s structured exactly like a list-style article and offers value to the reader while providing another opportunity for SEO.

Not every post you put on your business website or blog should be in a list format, but adding list-style posts will give your current content marketing strategy a boost. If your content marketing strategy isn’t offering the results you want, see how Tridigital Marketing has generated over 30,000 MSP and Cloud leads through their comprehensive MSP marketing plans.

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