High-performance IT marketing step 5: Select your marketing activities

Which marketing activity is best? It depends on your budget and your strengths, as well as the kind of leads you need to meet your growth goals. When your expectations, resources and skills are all aligned, you’re set up for marketing success.

High-performance IT marketing step 1: Establish the goals

We’ve spent the last several years fine-tuning IT marketing. From the moment we start with a new client, we’re thinking strategically. That’s what high-performance IT marketing is. Calculated. Strategic. Well thought out and deliberately executed.

Our Secrets For The Most Successful IT Marketing Emails

I was recently tasked to find out what constitutes exceptional email design. As a marketing writer, my normal idea of a “good” email is plenty of relevant text with a relatable pun sprinkled here and there for good measure, and maybe a cool picture or two.
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Email Marketing: 5 magical, must-read tips

Even if you hate email and you despise every second you spend…
3 Email Marketing Tips for the Holiday Rush

3 Email Marketing Tips for the Holiday Rush

The busy holiday season is upon us. That means leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice everything, and finally some cooler weather. It also means it’s time to spruce up your email marketing campaigns to keep customers on their toes.

Email Marketing like You’re in a Long-Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long distance relationship takes a lot of hard work – and so does your email marketing. Here are some tips to help.
A business owner getting his world blown apart with our email marketing techniques.

Make Your Email Marketing Pop

How do you create a truly remarkable email campaign that can literally market itself? We crafted the top 6 email marketing techniques, that will continue to resonate well enough with your customer’s world, that they go and tell their friends.

4 Ways to Revamp Your Email IT Marketing Campaign

Nobody likes a cluttered inbox full of dry, corporate-sent emails. Start writing your email IT marketing campaigns like they’re addressed to your best friend and see transformative results.
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5 Tips For Launching A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

A successful email marketing campaign is vital to gaining new business for your company and there are certain strategies that help with that. Here are five.
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5 Ways to Piss Off Your Email Marketing Mailing List (Hint: Don’t Do These Things)

Want to piss off your email marketing list? Don't do these things!!