How to craft a kickass video marketing strategy on a shoestring budget

Video marketing is a powerful tool used by everyone from industry giants to your middle school neighbor with an Instagram account. It can absolutely help your MSP generate leads and win new business. Here’s how to get started with video marketing on a budget.

Why video content marketing is ultra effective for the IT industry

Video seems to be on the rise and in your face wherever you go. It’s not your imagination and it’s not going away. If you’re not using video to market your services, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with your audience.

High-performance IT marketing step 12: Don’t give up

Knock off all those IT marketing one-night stands. It’s time to get serious and stop giving up. There's no magic bullet, but there are things you can do make your marketing count. When it comes to IT marketing success, here’s what you need to know—and yes, Gandalf is mentioned at least once.

High-performance IT marketing step 11: Marketing accountability

Strong, empathetic marketing accountability can turn an entire marketing strategy around and pull a team closer together. Use accountability to build your team up. Focus on solutions, not problems. Focus on the root cause, not blame. Focus on improvement, not lack of performance.
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High-performance IT marketing step 10: Ensure sales follow-up

Now it’s time to focus sales follow-up. You’ve got leads coming in, after all. When monitoring your marketing, you notice that people have been opening your emails and they’ve been reading your content. Repeatedly, even. What do you do now?

High-performance IT marketing step 9: Review the marketing data

Unlike advertising, marketing is all about the analytics. But before you can dig in and really analyze your marketing data, you need to understand two very important things. What constitutes good results? And what’s actually important?
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High-performance IT marketing step 8: Execute without drama

By the time you get to this stage in your marketing plan, you’ll likely be sick of planning. You’ll be good and ready to actually do something. This is where the rubber meets the road. Everything to this point has been theoretical. Now it’s time to shift gears, which makes this a pivotal moment.

High-performance IT marketing step 7: Build the team & appoint a leader

Choosing your marketing team, as well as who’s going to lead that team, will be instrumental to your success. But how do you know who to hire first? Where do you even begin tackling the monster that is assembling an IT marketing team? Read on and we’ll tell you.

High-performance IT marketing step 6: Create your IT marketing plan

To make your MSP’s marketing efforts successful, you need a solid IT marketing plan. But what exactly does that look like? What’s in it and how do you create one? Take a page out of the TRIdigital playbook and let us show you how to build your plan.

High-performance IT marketing step 5: Select your marketing activities

Which marketing activity is best? It depends on your budget and your strengths, as well as the kind of leads you need to meet your growth goals. When your expectations, resources and skills are all aligned, you’re set up for marketing success.