Hopefully, you caught our first edition of Top 10 Sales Tips. This post picks up where the last list left off to help you drive sales and growth for your MSP. 

The success of a company depends on their ability generate revenue. Whenever we gain a new client at TRIdigital, we hold an on-site onboarding meeting to get to know the personalities and unique qualities of the company to best understand what to highlight in our marketing. When we ask about the existing sales structure of their company and how they generate new leads and bring in new revenue, 9 times out of 10 they will say all their new business comes from word-of-mouth. Here in 2016, relying on referrals is simply not enough.

1. You Are Not Above Selling

Sure, you have a doctorate in computer science or perhaps you are a semi-famous white hat known for your technical prowess. That does not mean that you have tested out from needing to put on your sales hat to grow your business and your revenue stream. The fact that you are more technically minded actually add credibility and create trust in your sales pitches.

2. It’s Not About You, It’s About Your Business

Remove your ego. Making cold calls is a humbling experience, but it is absolutely necessary to generate quality leads and close sales. So you gave a TED talk – that is not going to turn leads into clients for you. You need to remove your ego and focus on understanding how you can be helping potential new clients with your services and increasing your recurring revenue. “I spent 8 years in college” is not a good excuse to not call leads.

3. Follow Up With Your Leads

This point strikes a personal note. TRIdigital can generate hundreds of leads for a client, but if the client doesn’t take the time to call or email the leads it’s all for nothing. It can certainly be awkward, but it’s a hurdle you have to jump. “Hey! I saw you subscribed to our email list! What kind of IT needs do you have that sparked your interest in our company?” It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Pick up the phone or send a quick email. Your next big client could be a click away.

4. Keep Following Up

You might not receive a response the first time you reach out. That’s normal. Be consistently tenacious with your sales process. Every 2 to 3 weeks check in (unless they give you feedback to the contrary). Shoot across an email. See if their IT needs have been addressed. You might catch them right when they need your specific solutions and services.

5. “Be Cool Honey Bunny”

Be cool. Be like Fonzie. Leads are people just like you and me. Don’t hold them up at gunpoint or try to inorganically force a sale. Be cool. Learn about them, their business, and their IT needs. Talk to them about how you can help them save money and increase productivity with managed IT services.

6. Conversations Over Requests

Don’t submit your services and solutions to a potential client like a stuffy court summons or formal request. “Hey, How have you been managing with that new server array?” will always be better than “I can outsource your hosting for $1,000 a month.”

7. Do Your Research

Use LinkedIn or company websites to learn about who you are talking to and what their company does. Going into a conversation without the right knowledge or information discredits you and your services before you even start. Instead, hop on your browser and find out what you can about the lead to show them you are a trusted proactive professional.

8. Build Rapport

You don’t need to be best friends with everyone you work with, but long term clients require well-founded relationships. Get to know them. Learn about their work-life balance, how they make organizational decisions, and when their birthday is/befriend them on social media. It’s the small things that build trust and give you a competitive advantage. Trust is often more important the tech specs or price.

9. Don’t Throttle Your Attention

Financially quantifying your leads is important to setting priorities however that doesn’t make other leads less valid. You should still follow up with your “smaller” leads. They may grow or be acquired. Having a relationship in place could introduce you to a whole new set of business opportunities. Have you ever been told to treat the janitor like the CEO? It’s the same idea.

10. You Are Helping Not Selling

When talking to leads, don’t think in terms of selling. Think in terms of how you can be helping. The price doesn’t matter. If you have solutions that will revolutionize the way a company conducts business or perhaps just alleviate organizational stress, they will more than likely find a way to come up with the money. Focus on showing them how you can help. If there is value in what you are offering, then quantify the cost.

Enjoy the Process! 

It’s not work if you are having fun. When prospecting and selling, realize these relationships can change your business and your future. Inhale a deep breath and take the necessary steps to increase your revenue and grow your business. It’s only awkward if you say it is.

Have thoughts or questions about our sales tips? Reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you.

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