If you’re looking for ways to increase the leads you get, which in turn can lead to quality prospects and landing new clients – we’ve got 5 MSP Marketing tips that are sure to get you what you want.

Create an Effective Website

Your website is an extension of your business and it’s also your opportunity to make a lasting first impression on anyone looking for the services and expertise you offer. Think of your website as a 24/7 sales professional and an effective website is able to most accurately reflect your brand, culture, and what it is that makes you unique.

According to a report from ACM Transactions of the Web, the average Internet user attention span in the United States is only six seconds. With so few precious seconds to make a lasting first impression, creating an effective website that can deliver your message quickly with some oomph is critical in your business’ success.

Collateral Development

How much collateral you have developed is largely dependent upon the type of budget you have, but at the very least you need sharp looking business cards that provide people with the basic information about your company.

After that, investing in some quality company letterhead adds a nice touch when people see it. Then, if you’re able to afford it, having a company brochure that includes an overview of who you are, what you do, and how you do it will not only impress prospects and existing clients – it will also generate quality leads. Think of any collateral you put together as being an extension of your website.

Email MSP Marketing

Email marketing is a very cost-effective way of promoting your services and you can do so quite often – as long as you’re following the many best practices involved so the recipients of your email marketing efforts don’t feel as if they are being spammed and the marketing efforts are relevant to them.

Email marketing is also a great way to build campaigns centered around having people visit specific pages on your website and become exposed to very specific services you offer.


Search Engine Optimization is an effective strategy to put in place after you’ve created an effective website and have put together a sound email marketing strategy. Engaging in SEO, and doing it the right way, provides trackable and quantifiable results when looking at how well your website is doing with Internet traffic/visitors and where your specific keywords rank within your industry.

Telemarketing/Cold Calling

If you’ve got the will and the heart, you can take part in some effective telemarketing and bring in leads (and close them) for your business. All you really need is a phone and a prospect list.

Even if you personally don’t want to make upwards of 300 calls a day to bring in that business for your company, having a professional sales consultant on staff can do this. And if you’re unsure of where you can get a solid prospect list from – Harte Hanks, Hoovers, and D&B are great places to start.

Be sure to check out what our clients have had to say about what we’ve accomplished with them – after all, we’re at 50,000 MSP Marketing Leads Generated and Counting…

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