Take a look at your IT website. Where does it stand in relation to other websites you’ve seen? Are you using a template with all the bells and whistles or did you opt for a more simplistic IT website? Is one really better than the other? At TRIdigital, we’re here to set you straight on which IT website really is the best.

What is the Purpose of Your IT Website?

Think about the purpose of your IT website. Are you using it to provide more information, get the attention of your prospects, or both? If you’re using it to gain attention, you might have gone with a website that has all the bells and whistles. If your IT website is just to give more information about a service, you may have opted for a more generic design. Regardless, too much of one or the other might be hindering your ability to generate leads.

What NOT to Do

There are many things websites utilize that are guaranteed lead killers. How many of these does your IT website have?

  1. Pop Ups
  2. Automatically Playing Media
  3. Disorienting Animations
  4. Generic Stock Photography
  5. “Contact Us” vs. Providing Contact Information
  6. Unintelligible “About Us” Page
  7. SEO Driven Copy (Keyword Stuffing)
  8. No Social Sharing Buttons
  9. No Blog
  10. Titles and Content Are Incongruous
  11. Call to Action and Offer Don’t Align
  12. Internal Linking Isn’t User-Friendly
  13. Sliders That Take FOREVER to Load
  14. Using Flash
  15. “I Don’t Know What to Do” – Visitors literally don’t know what to do on your page

What to Do Instead

So, how do you combat those annoying lead killers and provide a better end-user experience?

  1. Save the pop-ups. You don’t want to disrupt the reader’s experience.
  2. Want people to view your media? Let them have the choice instead of forcing it on them.
  3. It takes users 3 seconds to orient themselves on your page. Nix the flashy animations and focus on the content instead.
  4. Use REAL images! No one believes your company actually looks like those models in stock photography anyway.
  5. If your prospect has a question, it’s highly unlikely they’re willing to fill out a form in the hopes someone calls or emails them. Just put your contact information on your IT website.
  6. Your “About Us” page is normally one of the first pages your prospects look at. Make sure it’s easy to understand. Content should be written in a way that non-experts can understand.
  7. Make sure your keyword count is in between 3 and 5 percent. Any more than that, and you’ll be in hot water with Google.
  8. Social Media is a pretty big deal in today’s world. Make sure your prospects can share any interesting things via social media.
  9. Blogs are beneficial in many ways. Not only can it help your prospect see your company’s personality, it can also help boost your SEO efforts.
  10. Don’t use your titles as click-bait. There is nothing more annoying than finding out that the article you’re reading has nothing to do with the title. Make sure they match!
  11. Make sure your Call to Action matches the offer on your IT website. You don’t want to promise one thing and deliver something completely different!
  12. Test your internal links to make sure they work properly! Don’t add broken links into your content.
  13. If you’re going to use sliders (and we suggest you don’t), make sure they are fast with a zero second load time – and they should never load a completely new page when clicked!
  14. Want your site indexed by Google? Forget the Flash! It’s a massive waste of time for your prospects and it’s not even index-able!
  15. Be sure your visitors know exactly what to do when they land on your page. It should be easy to navigate, with clear headlines, content, and Call to Actions.

So Where Should You Begin?

So, having an IT website that’s nicely designed is fine. Having an IT website that provides good content is also fine. Blending them together is the best bet for generating leads. TRIdigital has perfected the mix between design and functionality. By contacting us to create your IT website and marketing, we’ll be able to steer you clear of lead killers and turn your website into a lead generating machine!

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