Everyone has that one song that brings up a particular set of emotions from within them. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that song that makes you turn up your radio and roll down your windows. It’s the lyrics that you sing at the top of your lungs regardless of where you’re at: in the shower or sitting at a traffic light. It’s the melody that you air guitar to or drum solo on your desk to. Everyone has that one song.

Interestingly, almost everyone has a particular marketing piece that affects them in nearly the same way. Maybe it was the 90’s Budweiser commercials with the alcoholic frogs. Maybe it’s a MasterCard commercial or an insurance commercial with Mr. Mayhem or Flo. Regardless, when asked, it’s very rare to find someone who can’t think of one particular commercial or piece of advertising that sticks out. So how do you get technology marketing to mimic the effects of music?

The Four Main Functions of Music

Music is one of the few human behaviors that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Scientists have linked music to being one of the few activities that we partake in that doesn’t have a real purpose. It doesn’t aid in survival, and – depending on how you look at it – doesn’t do much to help in procreation either. Over the years, the use of music has been grouped into four major categories: social, emotional, cognitive, and arousal-related functions. We use music to express our identity, create positive feelings, as a form of escape, and to calm ourselves or pass the time.

How TRIdigital Creates Your Technology Marketing Song

At TRIdigital, we firmly believe that marketing is not as simple as slapping together some postcards with your company name and list of services on it. Your technology marketing is composed to invoke the same emotions that come with those pieces of music you enjoy.

Reflection of Self Identity

TRIdigital believes that the best form of marketing involves you. Just as there are no two songs that are exactly alike, none of our marketing pieces are exactly alike. We use your self-identity to create the technology marketing to get you the consumers tapping their feet to your beat.

Creating Positive Feelings

Just as that one song puts a smile on your face every time it comes on the radio, we want our marketing to generate positive thoughts for your prospects and clients. We use real photos of you and your team to create the feelings of closeness that your clients need.

Presentation of an Alternate Reality

A good piece of marketing takes its target audience away and presents them with an alternate world. TRIdigital designs each piece of collateral with the colors, fonts, and imagery to take your prospects away into a universe where you are helping them with their technology.

Calming in Nature

While not all music is calming, it does invoke pretty strong emotions in the listener. With your technology marketing from TRIdigital, you’ll create those strong emotions in your prospects to make the jump in switching over to using you as their IT provider.

What Are You Waiting for?

If you don’t have memorable technology marketing, you can’t afford to wait any longer to get your foot in the race. Let the composers here at TRIdigital create your one of a kind song.

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