The Pilgrims didn’t have access to the technology we have today, but they were among the world’s first entrepreneurs. We can learn valuable business lessons from their experiences. Here are 4 business lessons from the Pilgrims we can implement in our own businesses:


Lesson #1: Be prepared to sacrifice and stick to it

Pilgrims regularly made sacrifices to survive. They gave up their homes to get on a ship with just about nothing and took off for the New World. They had no idea if they would make it, or what they would discover when they got there – but they were willing to make sacrifices and be persistent to achieve their goal. They believed in what they were doing and put 100% into the journey, surviving harsh winters and long famines. If they gave into their struggles, they would have all died on the way.

Business owners and entrepreneurs must make sacrifices and remain persistent. This is one of the most important business lessons to learn. In the beginning, we probably sacrifice full-time salaries, sleep, and quality time with our families as we focus on growing our empire. If we are persistent and believe in what we are doing – success will follow. If we give up the first time our business faces a challenge, we’ll end up seeking employment in someone else’s business.

Lesson #2: Take risks

Clearly, the Pilgrims took risks! When they set sail in the ocean, they were risking their lives. Business owners don’t have to take risks quite that great, but every newly started business has significant risks.

Many entrepreneurs quit full-time jobs and leave behind a comfortable salary and health benefits to start their new ventures. Some business owners hire family and friends to save money, putting personal relationships at risk if it doesn’t work out. If the Pilgrims were too afraid to take risks, they would have never traveled to the New World in the first place. If you are afraid to take risks in business – you will never succeed as a business owner.

Lesson #3: Go with the flow and change

The Pilgrims were planning to end up near the Hudson River in Virginia. Storms and rough waters took them off their intended course, and the Pilgrims arrived near Cape Cod. They went with the flow and were flexible to the situation. As a business owner, you must be flexible. Set goals, but understand you might have to change direction from your original plan in order to meet them. If one marketing method isn’t working, you may have to try something different. You can’t be afraid of change.

Lesson #4: Find partners and get help

If the Pilgrims attempted their journey on their own as individuals, they would have never made it. They survived because they partnered with each other to help one another and because they formed a partnership with the Native Americans. No one can do everything themselves.

Business owners tend to find ways to “beat” their competition instead of finding ways to partner or co-exist with them. If you struggle with marketing – partner with MSP Marketing experts like Tridigital. If you can’t keep track of your business finances – get a bookkeeper and an accountant. You can’t do it all alone and the more you attempt to do yourself, the less you will actually accomplish.

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