Before we start, fire up this song in the background.

Am I actually suggesting this blog post warrants theme music?! Yes, I actually am.

No one likes Chet.

Do you like 80s music? Of course you do. Everyone likes 80s music.

Well, everyone except Chet, but what does Chet know? He thinks Harry Potter is over-rated and Suicide Squad was “a solid film.” Chet doesn’t have many friends.

Everyone else likes 80s music. It’s iconic, diverse, and mostly upbeat, even if it’s a little cheesy. Not only that, but there are times when the lyrics are surprisingly deep for a decade that was defined by spandex, big bangs and a whole lotta synthesizer.

If you’re on the prowl for the perfect 80s mix, buckle up.

If you build it, they will come.

The perfect 80s mix has just two ingredients. You’re dubious. I can feel it. It’s okay. I had my doubts, too, but I’ll make you a believer.

You’ll need Pandora and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” That’s it. Just search for the song and have Pandora fire up a station based on that one tune. Then slip on your parachute pants, tease those bangs, and get ready to rock the Casbah.

A note of caution, though. I’ve tried the same trick with other music services with less impressive results. Something about Pandora’s algorithm makes Journey’s anthem the perfect seed song, but it doesn’t work nearly as well with other music services.

What’s the point?

Um, totally bitchin’ 80s music. No duh. But, yes, there’s also a marketing moral.

An amazing 80s mix comes down to the right music service and the right starting point. There are more streaming music services out there than you can shake a stick at. And yet, this seemingly simple trick yields some pretty righteous results, if you use Pandora.

Regardless of what you’re marketing, success will always depend on pairing the right venue with the right approach.

Big difference.

There’s value in research. It’s helpful to know what works for others. But there’s zero guarantee that what worked for another marketing campaign will work for your marketing campaign.

That’s why we do things differently. (You know, things like letting one of our writers crank out an entire blog post with dozens of reckless cultural references that are a few decades old.)

We focus on the right venue for your message, and the unique approach that will separate you from your competition. And here’s the beautiful thing about that strategy: it’ll work for any company marketing any product or service.

You’re the best around.

No matter what you’re selling, someone else is selling the same thing. But there’s a way you do it that stands apart.

First, make sure you’re marketing in the right venue. We don’t blast Pinterest with information about MSPs because, frankly, that would be horrible. Second, hone in on what makes you unique.

That’s the trick to marketing that generates real interest, produces real leads, and delivers real ROI. Oh, and if you need help marketing your MSP, give us a shout.

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